Join the UAE VAT online course diploma with certification from JAIN (Deemed-to-be University). Online course designed for accounting professionals in UAE and those seeking career opportunities in accounting sector in UAE. Secure your accounting job in UAE!

What you will learn in UAE VAT Online Course

  • Define the subject of taxation according to value added tax regulations.
  • Describe ways of applying the basic rules for the application of the VAT system.
  • Apply tax regulations in determining the tax base
  • Distinguish specific calculation of VAT rates.
  • Connect knowledge and prepare tax returns of value added tax.
  • Proper understanding of VAT registration and Filing process

UAE VAT Course Overview

An online course on UAE VAT with certification from one of the 100 best universities in India is perfect for those seeking career opportunities in UAE in the field of accounting, finance, taxation, auditing etc. Certification in UAE VAT is also one of the most common requirements while recruiting and selecting the most suitable candidate into to the role of accountant in many organizations. The course enlighten to understanding of taxation and accounting treatment of various tax in accordance with globally accepted accounting practices.

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the VAT system, covering the fundamental principles of VAT, regulation and administration, and guidance on the interpretation and consistent application of the GCC VAT legislation within UAE with practical examples.

Our global network of expert tax professionals bring their knowledge and practical experience, gained from working within leading organisations, including many in jurisdictions with established VAT systems, into the classroom to give an insight into the commercial and practical realities of working with VAT. These courses equip you and your workforce with the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with VAT.

Our diverse range of courses has been carefully designed to address business requirements at all levels; executive, managerial and operational. They are suitable for corporate and government sectors and can be customised for in-house training requirements. We also offer the VAT Compliance Diploma, the first and only accredited VAT certification in the region.


Module 1:- Taxation

Introduction to IAS 12- Taxes, Tax base, Temporary differences, Taxable temporary differences, Deferred tax assets and liabilities, current tax, Recognition and measurement of deferred taxes, Measurement of deferred tax, presentation of tax in the financial statements.

Module 2:- VAT UAE

VAT introduction, VAT registration, Taxable supplies, Import of goods, Designated zone, VAT Return Filing, Tax invoice.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 24 lessons Time: 10 weeks


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