What you will learn

  • Understanding the skill required as a responsible book keeper.
  • Understanding the skill required as a responsible book keeper.
  • Understanding the significance of accounting in the business.
  • Gain basic understanding of preparation financial statements.

Course overview

Accounting is a common measuring stick in small business. A business owner can use accounting information to measure her company’s business and operational performance. Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business.

The course helps to gain the skill required to be a star in the art of accounting and book keeping.


Module 1:- Book keeping basics

Basics of Financial Reporting: The main elements of financial reporting, The users and stakeholders, The scope of financial statements reporting, The regulatory frameworks, Duties and Responsibilities of Directors, Financial Information: Qualitative Characteristics.

Concept of Double Entry Accounting system: Principles of Double entry Book keeping, Ledger Accounts, Books of primary entry and Journal entries.

Bookkeeping transactions: Sales and Purchase, Cash, Inventory, Tangible non-current assets, Depreciation, Intangible Non-current assets and amortization, Accruals and Prepayments, Receivables and Payables, Finance cost

Module 2:- Preparation financial statements

Preparing Trail Balance: Trial Balance, Bank reconciliation, Suspense accounts.

Preparing Financial Statements: Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Profit & Loss, statement of Cash Flows.


Course Curriculum

Total learning: 5 lessons Time: 10 weeks


Zainul Abid is an experienced Banking and Auditing professional with over 10 years experience in the field. He is currently working in financial accounting Division of Ahli United Bank K.S.C.P, an Islamic bank incorporated in Kuwait. Zainul Abid were employed with EY – Kuwait for more than 5 years as external auditor, and most of his audit clients were banks and financial institutions.

Business Analyst & Islamic Finance Professional, M. Com, PG Diploma in Islamic Economics and Finance, Diploma in Management

Ameen Afsal has wide experience as an Islamic Finance professional. He worked in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank-ADIB in multiple positions for 5 years. Ameen Afsal was part of other Islamic Economic initiative including Vibgyor Nidhi limited and Zirva business solutions LLP. He has engaged with many consulting projects including Few close, Nadakkavil Hospital, etc.


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