The main aim of studying Advertising Management is to understand the role of advertising in making a product successful. A product, no matter how brilliantly designed, if gets no buyers, it is considered a failure. Advertising helps in generating brand awareness and sales. In this course, students will learn about various types of advertising, how an advertising agency functions and its role in planning and developing the marketing communication. Advertising plays a vital role in consumer attitudes and brand preferences.

What you will Learn

✅Able to create meaningful creative advertisement and review meaning of creativity in advertising
✅ Understanding the operation of Advertising Agency
✅ Able to create effective advertisement campaign based on consumer
✅Able to create advertisement budget and Accounting

Course Overview

This course focuses on understanding media planning and the creative process. It also delves into advertising budget and media selection strategies. Planning creative advertisements is very critical today in order to break the clutter. Creative elements of an advertisement such as logo, jingle and slogan play a very important role in communicating the marketing objective. This course is designed to enhance your advertising knowledge and make you better marketers in your career .


Course Curriculum

Total learning: 14 lessons Time: 10 weeks



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